3DS OUTSCALE’s Offering Refinements FAQ

These F.A.Q. aim to answer some of the questions regarding 3DS OUTSCALE’s upcoming offering refinements.

Offering refinements

1. What are these refinements?

3DS OUTSCALE is refining its IaaS offering in order to unify its range of customized Virtual Machines (VMs).

The customized TINA type consists in choosing the number of virtual processors and the memory capacity that correspond exactly to your needs.

In order to provide greater control over the performances and pricing of our offering, some modifications will be made, including:

  • A new and ajustable on-demand performance option, available on all virtual machines;

  • A more simple invoicing based on core/RAM used, regardless of the type of VM requested;

  • The removal of certain types of VMs which will nonetheless have TINA equivalents.

2. What will be the different types of VMs available?

All our virtual machines will be of TINA type.

The TINA type is a type of virtual machine whose name format is "tinaWcXrY", where W is the generation of the processor, X the number of compute cores, and Y the memory capacity.

You will be free to specify the number of compute cores and amount of memory needed.

3. What are the performance options?

3DS OUTSCALE is introducing performance options applicable on Virtual Machines (VMs). It will be possible to modify these options through our web interface Cockpit and through the API.

Three types of performance options will be available:

  • Highest Performance: 3DS OUTSCALE will provide maximum compute capacity on all the cores of the VM. This option is ideal for intensive compute applications.

  • High Performance: 3DS OUTSCALE will provide high compute capacity on all the cores of the VM. This option offers small performance variability and applies to most cases.

  • Medium Performance: 3DS OUTSCALE will provide performance with significant variability on all the cores of the VM. This option does not guarantee consistent performance, but is ideal for machines with low CPU demand.

VM price will vary according to the chosen performance option. These performance options will be applied on next VM start, regardless of the type of VM. By default, the High Performance will apply.

4. Why is 3DS OUTSCALE making these changes?

At 3DS OUTSCALE, we consider that a quality-focused IaaS service must have a clear offering.

Therefore, by using the TINA types and the performance options, you will be able to have a clearer vision of your per-second consumption of compute cores, of their expected performance, and of the memory used.

Impacts of the refinements

5. What will happen to existing VMs?

In the background, each existing virtual machine will be converted to its corresponding TINA type on next start. However, the type shown will stay its current type.

This conversion will be done according to an Instance Types table. It will have no impact on your resources in use.

6. What will the changes be in terms of API?

The relevant API calls will take into account the changes in order to convert the requested types of VMs.

The behavior changes are detailed in the following page: 3DS OUTSCALE Offering Refinements (API Behavior).

7. How will my bill be affected?

Your bill will indicate your consumption of compute cores according to performance, the memory capacity, and the other resources, invoiced as before.

8. Will my Reserved Instances (RIs) be affected?

Your Reserved Instances will not be affected. The invoicing details will simply appear in a different form.

9. When will this change come into effect?

This change is set for the maintenances of Week 32 of 2019 in all Regions, except eu-west-2 whose maintenance will take place Week 33 on August 12, 2019.

For more information, please do not hesitate to fill in the form to request a call back, or to contact our Technical Support.