About 3DS OUTSCALE’s Marketplace

3DS OUTSCALE’s Marketplace is an exchange platform which features products provided by independent software vendors (ISVs) that belong to 3DS OUTSCALE’s trusted ecosystem. For more information, see the Marketplace official website (available in French only).

You can use the Marketplace as an ISV, a visitor, or both. As an ISV, you can publish OUTSCALE Machine Images (OMIs) on the Marketplace through Cockpit. As a visitor, you can create instances from OMIs available on the Marketplace.

Using the Marketplace as an ISV

As an ISV, you can create, test and publish OMIs on the Marketplace. For more information on the creation of OMIs, see Creating an OMI.

To publish OMIs on the Marketplace, a specific ISV account is required. An ISV account is a Cloud account with the necessary capacity and resources to create, test, and publish OMIs.

Contact our Sales department at sales@outscale.com to obtain an ISV account.

You can publish an OMI on the Marketplace through Cockpit by clicking its shop icon (1) icon from the Outscale Machine Images (OMIs) page. Once the OMI is published, it is available to any OUTSCALE Cloud user.

For compliance purposes, any OMI to be published on 3DS OUTSCALE’s Marketplace needs to be validated by our Sales department beforehand. For more information, contact our Sales department at sales@outscale.com.

You can remove an OMI from the Marketplace at any time by clicking its image2021 5 11 9 52 6 icon from the Outscale Machine Images (OMIs) page in Cockpit.

Using the Marketplace as a Visitor

As a visitor, you can create an instance from an OMI published by an ISV on the Marketplace.

Using Cockpit, you can filter the OMIs available on the Marketplace when creating an instance or when launching an instance within a VPC. For more information, see Creating / Launching Instances and Creating a VPC Platform.

Using the OUTSCALE API, you can create an instance from a specified OMI with the CreateVms API method and the ImageId parameter.

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