Cockpit v1 User Interface

This page describes the layout and main components of the Cockpit v1 user interface.

For more information about the Cockpit v1 homepage, see About Cockpit.

scr Cockpit General

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The name and email address associated with your account. From this drop-down menu, you can sign out from Cockpit v1 as well as access the following information:

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The Cockpit v1 changelog, that highlights features and improvements brought to 3DS OUTSCALE’s services.

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The Region of your account. You can access the Cockpit v1 interface for other OUTSCALE Regions from this drop-down menu.

Even if your account is synchronized with another Region, you need to log in again with your corresponding credentials when switching Regions from Cockpit v1. For more information, see About Your Account.

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A link to the 3DS OUTSCALE Support web interface, where you can open tickets to our Support team for assistance with your account and Cloud resources.

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A link to the 3DS OUTSCALE documentation.

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The display language of the interface. You can switch to English or French from this drop-down menu.

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The navigation panel, that enables you to navigate through the different pages to manage your Cloud resources.

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The current page, from which you can display and manage the corresponding resources.

Depending on the page, you can filter and sort your resources in the tables using the button.