Deleting a Private Virtual Interface

You can delete a private virtual interface from a DirectLink connection.

This actions removes access to the corresponding Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) through the DirectLink connection.

Deleting a Private Virtual Interface Using Cockpit v1

  1. Click Network/Security > Virtual Interfaces.

  2. Click the private virtual interface you want to delete.
    The private virtual interface is selected.

  3. Click Delete .
    The DELETE ROUTE TABLE(S) dialog box appears.

  4. Click Delete to validate.
    The private virtual interface is deleted and no longer appears on the Virtual interfaces page.

Deleting a DirectLink Interface Using OSC CLI

See the DeleteDirectLinkInterface command sample in the documentation of the OUTSCALE API.

Deleting a Private Virtual Interface Using AWS CLI

To delete a private virtual interface, use the delete-virtual-interface command following this syntax:

Request sample
$ aws directconnect delete-virtual-interface \
    --profile YOUR_PROFILE \
    --virtual-interface-id dxvif-12345678 \

This command contains the following attributes that you need to specify:

  • (optional) profile: The named profile you want to use, created when configuring AWS CLI. For more information, see Installing and Configuring AWS CLI.

  • virtual-interface-id: The ID of the private virtual interface.

  • endpoint: The endpoint corresponding to the Region you want to send the request to.

The delete-virtual-interface command returns the following element:

Result sample
    "virtualInterfaceState": "deleting"

The private virtual interface is deleted.

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