You can use Elasticfox interface to manage your instances and resources in the OUTSCALE Cloud. A modified version of Elasticfox for 3DS OUTSCALE is available here (you need to replace your current ec2ui.jar file by this one).

Amazon™ provides some recent downloadables, executables and installers here. Elasticfox can be installed as a Firefox plugin or a standalone Windows™ or macOS™ client. The Elasticfox user guide is available here for Amazon™ EC2.

In the Regions section (see the picture below), several Regions are available. Ensure to use the proper API endpoint. For more information about OUTSCALE endpoints, see Regions, Endpoints and Availability Zones Reference.

Elasticfox uses the EC2 API endpoint for the LBU API. You thus need to use an https://fcu.<region>; formal url and not any other alias of this url.

  • In the Credentials section: enter your OUTSCALE Account Name (ID), Access Key and Secret Access Key in the same order as the one in the email.

    • Expect to see temporary credentials errors when switching back and forth between the OUTSCALE Cloud and EC2 or between zones with different accounts. To solve the problem, press Cancel a few times.

    • In the Instances tab, use the Refresh button, as the instance state can be stale and cause confusion.

    • If you do not see any image in the Images tab, your filter is probably set to My AMIs. To solve the problem, click No filter in the drop-down menu

    • Instructions about how to convert your OUTSCALE certificate keys from one format to the next are available. PPK format is required for Putty.

    • If you receive an "invalid security certificate" error, replace the cert8.db file from Elasticfox with the following one: cert8.db. For the win32 client, the path is \winebarrel\Elasticfox\Profiles then your folder.

    • It is also possible to use Elasticwolf, that replaces Elasticfox. You will see more non-critical error messages but the tool can become handy in some cases especially when manipulating Virtual Private Clouds.

scr ElasticFox ManageEC2Regions

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