Flexible GPUs User Interface

The following page on Cockpit v1 enables you to create and manage your flexible GPUs (fGPUs) and display information about them.

Information about your flexible GPUs is also available from Cockpit v2-beta in the Flexible GPUs dashboard.

Flexible GPUs Page

scr Cockpit Tab FlexibleGpus

scrNbRed 1

The state of the fGPU. For more information, see About Flexible GPUs.

Hover over the colored dot for more information about a state.

scrNbRed 2

The ID of fGPU.

scrNbRed 3

The model of the fGPU.

scrNbRed 4

The ID of the instance the fGPU is attached to.

scrNbRed 5

Indicates whether the fGPU is automatically released from your account when the instance it is attached to is terminated.

scrNbRed 6

The Availability Zone where the fGPU is located.