OUTSCALE Marketplace Release Notes

This page lists the new features contained in each release of OUTSCALE Marketplace.

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September 7, 2023

  • As a seller partner:

    • You can now manage product versions. For more information, see the new procedure Managing OMI Product Versions.

    • The product depublication procedure has been updated. You can now unpublish OMI products because they have reached their end of life or for any other motive. For more information, see Unpublishing a Product.

  • As a buyer:

    This release also includes design, stability, and accessibility improvements.

July 17, 2023

  • By default, the first administrator of an organization now has both an administrator role and a user role.

  • When creating an OMI product and completing its Version section, you can now select an OMI name or ID.

  • The My Products page now includes a Last update column.

  • You can now copy the product code of a product across the interface using a dedicated button.

  • This release also includes design and stability improvements.

June 12, 2023


August 3, 2022

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