Creating Your Showcase

As an OUTSCALE Marketplace seller partner, you can create a showcase to describe your activity and products to Marketplace visitors and buyers.

A showcase includes information on your company such as its logo, name, email, phone number, address, and website, as well as images representing your products.

  • Only one showcase can be created per organization. For more information, see About OUTSCALE Marketplace > Organization.

  • You must enter all information both in English and in French in the provided tabs to be able to publish your showcase on the Marketplace.

To create your showcase:

  1. In the top right corner of the interface, click your username or email address.
    A drop-down menu appears.

  2. Click My showcase.
    The My showcase page appears.

  3. Enter your company’s information.

  4. (optional) Specify the association(s) to which the organization belongs.

  5. (optional) In the Media section:

    1. Upload the desired JPG files to illustrate your product.

      • You can add up to six JPG files of under 2 MB.

      • The recommended format is 1440 pixels by 1024 pixels.

  6. Click Publish showcase to publish your showcase on the Marketplace.
    Your showcase is published on the Marketplace and can be viewed by visitors and buyers. 3DS OUTSCALE is notified of its publication.

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