About Cockpit

Cockpit is a web interface developed by 3DS OUTSCALE that enables you to create and manage your resources in the OUTSCALE Cloud.

  • Two versions are currently available: Cockpit v1 and Cockpit v2-beta. Each version is detailed in the tabs below.

  • In the pages of the User Guide mentioning both "Cockpit v1 and "Cockpit v2-beta", "Cockpit" is used to refer to both versions at once. Pages mentioning only "Cockpit" refer to Cockpit v1 exclusively.

General Information

The Cockpit web interface enables you to create and manage Cloud resources in your account by sending the corresponding API requests to the Cloud. When creating an OUTSCALE account, access to Cockpit is automatically provided.

  • When connecting for the first time to Cockpit, you need to reset the password of your account using the "I forgot my password" link from the Cockpit v1 interface.

  • The password of your account is the same across all interfaces.

  • You can log in to the Cockpit interface using your email and password or using your access keys. For more information about Access Keys, see About Access Keys.

Cockpit is compatible with the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

This User Guide includes procedures using Cockpit v1, Cockpit v2-beta, or both.

  • Some features are available through the API only and are not yet implemented on Cockpit.

  • Cockpit v1 and Cockpit v2-beta support different features. For more information, see Cockpit v2-beta Features Reference.

About Cockpit v1


Each OUTSCALE Region has its own Cockpit v1 web interface, that you can access using the following URLs:

Region Cockpit v1 URL











You can switch from an OUTSCALE Region to another from the login screen.

After 1 hour of inactivity, your account is automatically logged out from Cockpit v1.


The Cockpit Homepage provides:

  • A Cloud overview that displays information about your resources per type. You can click:

    • The Instances, Volumes, and VPCs headings to access the corresponding pages.

    • The Create Instance button to create an instance. For more information, see Creating / Launching Instances.

    • The Create Volume button to create a volume. For more information, see Creating a Volume.

    • The Create VPC button to create a VPC. For more information, see Creating a VPC.

  • A general overview of your consumption for the current month. For more information about your consumption, see Getting Information About Your Resource Consumption.
    Information is displayed in colored circles. You can hover over a colored area to get more information about your resources, or filter it:

    • To isolate a resource or a type of resource, click the different parts of the circles.

    • To navigate to a previous level, click an inner circle or in the center of the circle.

    • To return to the general consumption overview, click the consumption circle.

  • Your quotas per resource. Information is displayed in percentages. For more information about your quotas, see Getting Information About Your Account and Quotas.

  • A Twitter feed of the latest publications from 3DS OUTSCALE.

  • A Zendesk Chat to contact the 3DS OUTSCALE Support Team, if needed. This widget is available throughout Cockpit v1.

For more information, see Cockpit v1 User Interface.


Cockpit v1 supports inWebo strong authentication. You can add an extra step of authentication when using a login and password. For more information, see inWebo Strong Authentication.

The inWebo strong authentication for Cockpit v1 is supported for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

About Cockpit v2-beta

Cockpit v2-beta features are based on the OUTSCALE API.

Elastic Identity Management (EIM) users cannot use Cockpit v2-beta.


You can access Cockpit v2-beta using the following URL: https://new.cockpit.outscale.com.

You must select an OUTSCALE Region from the login screen to be able to log in.

After 30 minutes of inactivity, your account is automatically logged out from Cockpit v2-beta.


Starter Set

Cockpit v2-beta provides a starter set of dashboards belonging to five categories:

  • Compute

  • Storage

  • Security

  • Net

  • Services

Each dashboard gives information on your resources and allows you to perform various actions on them. You can open and close dashboards as required. In dashboards, you can click underlined resource IDs to access more information and actions.

Personal Space

You can open your personal space from the top-right menu of Cockpit v2-beta. Your personal space allows you to access your information, limits, and consumption. For more information, see Getting Information About Your Account and Quotas, Modifying Your Personal Information and Password, and Getting Information About Your Resource Consumption.


Cockpit v2-beta supports multi-factor authentication. You can secure the access to your account by requiring that a client certificate is provided at login. For more information, see Logging In and Out of a Trusted Session.

Multi-factor authentication for Cockpit v2-beta is supported for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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