About Cockpit

Cockpit is a web interface developed by 3DS OUTSCALE that enables you to create and manage your resources in the OUTSCALE Cloud.

General Information

The Cockpit web interface enables you to create and manage Cloud resources in your account by sending the corresponding API requests to the Cloud. When creating an OUTSCALE account, access to Cockpit is automatically provided.

  • When connecting for the first time to Cockpit, you need to reset the password of your account using the "Forgot password?" link from the Cockpit v2 interface.

  • The password of your account is the same across all interfaces.

  • You can log in to the Cockpit interface using your email and password or using your access keys. For more information about Access Keys, see About Access Keys.

As a result of the new version of IAM, you can no longer reset your password via the SendResetPasswordEmail and ResetAccountPassword API methods.

You can now only reset your password via the reset password button on Cockpit v2. For more information, see Modifying Your Personal Information and Password.

Cockpit is compatible with the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

This User Guide includes procedures using Cockpit v2.

About Cockpit v2

Cockpit v2 features are based on the OUTSCALE API.


You can access Cockpit v2 using the following URL: https://cockpit.outscale.com.

You must select an OUTSCALE Region from the login screen to be able to log in.

For more information about OUTSCALE Regions, see About Regions, Endpoints, and Subregions and Regions, Endpoints and Subregions Reference.

After 30 minutes of inactivity, your account is automatically logged out from Cockpit v2.


Starter Set

Cockpit v2 provides a starter set of dashboards belonging to six categories:

  • Compute

  • Storage

  • Security

  • Net

  • Services

  • IAM

Each dashboard gives information on your resources and allows you to perform various actions on them. You can open and close dashboards as required. In dashboards, you can click underlined resource IDs to access more information and actions.

Personal Space

You can open your personal space from the top-right menu of Cockpit v2. Your personal space allows you to access your information, limits, and consumption. For more information, see Getting Information About Your Account and Quotas, Modifying Your Personal Information and Password, and Getting Information About Your Resource Consumption.


Cockpit v2 supports multi-factor authentication (MFA). You can secure the access to your account by requiring an added authentication factor at login. The available additional authentication methods are the following:

  • A one-time password (OTP)

  • A security key (USB or built-in).

Another possible method for MFA on Cockpit v2 is requiring that a client certificate be provided at login. For more information, see Logging In and Out of a Trusted Session Using a Certificate.

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