Creating a Password as an EIM User

As an EIM user, you can create a password you can then use to log in to Cockpit v2.

This method is only available on Cockpit v2.

Creating a Password as an EIM User on Cockpit v2

Before you begin:

To create your password on Cockpit v2, you must first log in to Cockpit v2 using the ID of your access key and its secret key. An access key is not automatically created at the creation of an EIM user, the root user of the account must first create it for you. For more information, see Creating an EIM Access Key.

  1. In the top right corner, click the IconProfil icon.
    A drop-down menu appears.

  2. Click IconUserSecurity Authentication Parameters.
    The Authentication parameters page appears.

    The login associated with the password you want to create appears in the top right corner.
    The login must be in the following format: Account ID of the root account/your username.

  3. In the Password subsection, click Set up a password.
    The Reset password page appears.

    Once you have created a password, the button changes from Set up a password to Update.

  4. In the New password field, type your new password.

  5. In the Password confirmation field, type your new password again.

  6. Click Reset.
    Your password is created. You can now use it to log in to Cockpit v2 as an EIM user.

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