Managing OUTSCALE Accounts as a Buyer

The administrator(s) of your organization can add OUTSCALE accounts to the organization.

An OUTSCALE account enables you to create and manage resources in the OUTSCALE Cloud. For more information, see About Your Account.

When an OUTSCALE account is added to an organization, permissions to the OUTSCALE machine images (OMIs) subscribed to by the organization are given to the account. For more information about permissions, see About OMIs > OMIs Permissions, Privacy, Copies, and Exports to OOS.

OUTSCALE accounts and Marketplace accounts are different entities. An OUTSCALE account is required to create an organization made up of Marketplace accounts. For more information, see About OUTSCALE Marketplace.

For more information about administrators, see About OUTSCALE Marketplace > Administrators and Users.

Adding an Account

  1. In the top right corner of the Marketplace interface, click your username or email address.
    A drop-down menu appears.

  2. Click OUTSCALE account management.
    The OUTSCALE account management page appears.

  3. Click Add OUTSCALE account.
    A form appears.

  4. Enter the name, email, and password, and select the Region associated to the account.

    The name is used to identify the OUTSCALE account on the OUTSCALE accounts page, but has no effect on the account itself.

  5. Click Save.
    The account is added to the organization.

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