Packer is a high-level tool developed by HashiCorp to create your own machine images. For more information about Packer, see the official Packer website.

3DS OUTSCALE provides a Packer image builder based on the OUTSCALE API. You can use Packer out of the box with 3DS OUTSCALE. For more information about its configuration, see the official Packer builder documentation.

General Information

Packer provides the following OUTSCALE Machine Image (OMI) builders:

  • osc-bsu: Creates BSU-backed OMIs based on a source OMI. For more information, see the official osc-bsu builder documentation.

    This is the easiest builder to use. It is recommended to use it to get started.

  • osc-chroot: Creates BSU-backed OMIs from an existing virtual machine (VM). With this builder, you need to mount the root device and use a chroot environment. For more information, see the official osc-chroot builder documentation.

    If you want to use this builder, you need to have a running virtual machine (VM) during the OMI building.

  • osc-bsusurrogate: Creates BSU-backed OMIs entirely from scratch. For more information, see the official osc-bsusurrogate documentation.

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