Subscribing To an Outsourced Product

As an OUTSCALE Marketplace buyer, you can subscribe to an outsourced product from the Marketplace catalog.

Seller partners can unpublish outsourced products, and are responsible for informing subscribers and organization administrators of the depublication.

For more information about outsourced products, see About OUTSCALE Marketplace > Outsourced Products.

To subscribe to an outsourced product:

  1. In the Marketplace interface, click the Catalog tab.
    The product catalog appears.

  2. Use the filters on the left-hand side to find the desired product.

  3. Click the desired product card.
    The product page appears.

  4. Click Contact seller partner.
    A partially pre-filled form appears.

    The request type selected by default is Estimate request, but this value can be modified.

  5. Specify the missing required information.

  6. (optional) Modify the pre-filled information if necessary.

  7. Click Send request.
    The request is sent to the seller partner by email.

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