Technical Support

The 3DS OUTSCALE Technical Support is available to help you in your everyday tasks and answer your questions.

Operating Hours

3DS OUTSCALE provides 24/7 customer support, with Level 1 monitoring and possible escalation to Levels 2 and 3.

Support tickets at Level 2 are processed only during business days between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) of our support is described in Appendix A SLA10 of our General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

Support Requests

You can submit a support request through different means, in English or in French:

To open a ticket via Web or email, you must first create a Zendesk account.

Once you receive a ticket number, use this number in all your exchanges with the support.

Open one ticket per issue rather than one ticket combining multiple issues.

When opening a new support ticket, you must provide the following information:

  • The Region (for example, eu-west-2)

  • The account ID or the email of the account

  • The timestamp of the incident (preferably in UTC)

  • If applicable, the IDs of the resources concerned, the tools used and their versions, etc.

  • In addition, for a network issue:

    • The source IP

    • The destination IP

    • The result of this command (launched from the source machine):

      $ mtr -c 100 from IP_DESTINATION
  • In addition, for an IOPS issue:

    • The volume ID

    • The virtual machine (VM) ID

    • The result of this command (launched from the source machine):

      $ fio --name fio_test_file --direct=1 --rw=randwrite --bs=16k --size=1G --numjobs=16 --time_based --runtime=180 --group_reporting --norandommap

Open Source Projects

For OUTSCALE open source projects marked as Graduated, you can directly create issues on GitHub. This includes, among others:

For more information, see Open Source Projects.