Creating a Snapshot of a Volume

You can create a snapshot of a volume to make a point-in-time image of the data stored on this volume. You can then create a new volume based on this snapshot, copy it to another Region or share it with other users.

Creating a Snapshot of a Volume Using Cockpit

  1. Click Storage > Snapshots.

    You can also select a volume in the Storage > Volumes tab, then click Snapshot .

  2. Click Create .
    The CREATE SNAPSHOT dialog box appears.

  3. In the Name field, type a name for the snapshot.

    This action adds a Name tag of 255 characters maximum. You can use any character, including accented letters.

  4. From the Volume list, select the volume of which you want to create a volume.

    If data is being written on the volume at the time you create the snapshot, this snapshot may be incomplete.

  5. (optional) In the Description field, type a description of the snapshot.

  6. Click Create to validate.
    A snapshot of the volume is created and appears on the Snapshots page.

Creating a Snapshot of a Volume Using AWS CLI

To create a snapshot of a specified volume, use create-snapshot command following this syntax:

Request sample
$ aws ec2 create-snapshot \
    --profile YOUR_PROFILE \
    --volume-id vol-12345678 \
    --description snapshot of vol-12345678 \

This command contains the following attributes that you need to specify:

  • (optional) profile: The named profile you want to use, created when configuring AWS CLI. For more information, see Installing and Configuring AWS CLI.

  • volume-id: The ID of the volume you want to create a snapshot of.

  • (optional) description: A description of the snapshot.

  • endpoint: The endpoint corresponding to the Region you want to send the request to.

The create-snapshot command returns the following elements:

  • Description: A description of the snapshot, if provided in the request.

  • OwnerId: The account ID of the owner of the snapshot.

  • Progress: The progress of the snapshot (a percentage).

  • SnapshotId: The ID of the newly created snapshot.

  • State: The state of the snapshot (in-queue | pending | completed).

  • StartTime: The time at which the snapshot was initiated.

  • VolumeId: The ID of the volume used to create the snapshot.

  • VolumeSize: The size of the volume, in gibibytes (GiB).

Result sample
    "Description": "snapshot of vol-12345678",
    "Progress": "0%",
    "OwnerId": "123456789012",
    "SnapshotId": "snap-87654321",
    "StartTime": "2018-03-26T13:01:33.176Z",
    "State": "pending",
    "VolumeId": "vol-12345678",
    "VolumeSize": 50

A snapshot of the specified volume is created.

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