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Application Programming Interfaces, including all types and versions.

access key

Credentials (login, password, API key, Certificate Authorities (CAs)) used to access, use, and manage services. Access keys are linked to a specific account and shall be kept private. An access key is also referred to as access key / secret key (or AK/SK).

For more information, see About Access Keys.


beta service

Service provided by 3DS OUTSCALE as a test version before large-scale deployment. Beta services are identified as such in the public documentation. The APIs and resources created and used in beta services are not guaranteed. 3DS OUTSCALE reserves the right to modify or delete beta services without notice.


Cloud computing

Memory, compute, storage, and network resources provided by networked servers. Those servers and their underlying infrastructure are operated and managed by OUTSCALE.



See the entry VM.


object storage service

Storage environment which allows outbound and inbound flow of data from a platform through the internet, including a copy of the data on at least two physical equipments. This copy ensures data sustainability in case of simultaneous failures of one or both equipments used.


OUTSCALE Machine Image ready to use and available on OUTSCALE platforms to provide one or more preconfigured VMs.

For more information, see About OMIs.

official OMI

OMI identified in the list of available OMIs provided by OUTSCALE.

For more information, see Official OMIs Reference.



Geographical area where Cloud resources are hosted.

For more information, see About Regions, Endpoints, and Subregions.

reserved VM

VM which can be reserved in a specific Subregion and linked to an account for a specific duration.

For more information, see Reserved Instances.


Migration of the data stored on the OUTSCALE infrastructure to a compatible isofunctional platform not owned by OUTSCALE.


secret key

Component of the access key.

For more information, see About Access Keys.


Point-in-time image of a volume (its data and metadata).

For more information, see About Snapshots.


One or several close locations in a Region where OUTSCALE deploys the equipments required for providing services.

For more information, see Regions and Availability Zones.


Applications, developments, data, database, software, etc. installed one or more VMs or an object storage service, to make them accessible on the internet or through a direct connection.



Virtual Machine(s) or servers deploying the systems, located in the OUTSCALE infrastructure. The servers are composed of:

  • Memory resources (RAM and hard disk and/or any other type of storage device)

  • Compute resources

  • Persistent storage, with or without guaranteed performance

  • An operating system (Windows®, LINUX, etc.)

  • Third-party applications, requiring or not a license

  • Standardized security systems

  • An allocation of bandwidth

VMs are also referred to as instances.

For more information, see About VMs.

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