Infrastructure Redundancy and Resilience

3DS OUTSCALE guarantees the redundancy and the resilience of its infrastructure by implementing replication procedures. In the case of a hardware incident, 3DS OUTSCALE is able to recover the stored data. However, 3DS OUTSCALE does not offer customer backup services. You are responsible for the backup of your data.

Implementation and Guarantee

3DS OUTSCALE replicates the essential elements necessary to 3DS OUTSCALE’s internal organization and Cloud infrastructure daily. A backup and restoration plan is implemented and tested biannually or annually.

Your configuration and application data are your responsibility. We recommend that you set up an appropriate security and backup policy, as well as means to ensure data continuity. Hence, if a mistake is made or an incident occurs, it is possible to roll back to a known state of your data.
To do so, you can create snapshots of your volumes to back up their data in the Cloud. The regular creation of snapshots reduces the risk of loss. For more information, see About Snapshots and Creating a Snapshot of a Volume.

In case of an incident, 3DS OUSTCALE guarantees the persistence of production data, namely your snapshots and data stored on the OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS) platform.

If such a security and backup policy is not implemented, 3DS OUTSCALE declines any responsibility in case of data loss. For more information, see the Service Level Agreement (SLA) described in appendix A of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCs).

To ensure maximum security, your security and backup policy should involve the availability of your data on multiple Subregions. For more information, see About Regions, Endpoints, and Subregions.

Storage and Frequency

3DS OUTSCALE systematically retains 15 replicas of production data:

  • six replicas in the last 24 hours,

  • seven daily replicas, one for each day of the last week,

  • two weekly replicas, one for each of the last two weeks.

The replicas of production data are stored on a geographically distant backup site within the same country. The same security conditions and legislation apply to both production and replicated data.

Retention Period and Destruction

The replica retention period is defined for each type of replica performed as part of the backup plan of 3DS OUTSCALE.

Replicas of production data are retained up to 15 days after their creation. Log replicas are retained for 12 months.

All the data hosted by 3DS OUTSCALE is destroyed by overwriting storage hardware.

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