Multipart Upload Configuration Reference

A multipart upload configuration is a JSON file in which you specify details about the different parts you want to reassemble into an object.

This page describes the elements you can specify in a multipart upload configuration file. Once you have written the file, you need to apply it to your partitioned bucket to complete the multipart upload process. For more information, see Completing a Multipart Upload.

You can also specify these elements as an inline JSON string.

To create a multipart upload configuration, you need to create a JSON file following this structure:

Configuration structure
    "Parts": [
      {"ETag": "17481fd716d825dccdbf3716bd70a828", "PartNumber": 1},
      {"ETag": "0692eea76723976c997d5ae9b75c9ed3", "PartNumber": 2},
      {"ETag": "315cc76555e20195f54e57455259734e", "PartNumber": 3},
      {"ETag": "2796f746140093ff43733e677e0995e9", "PartNumber": 4},
      {"ETag": "dbebd767fb54b8e8d085e8f233bd714c", "PartNumber": 5}

This file contains the following attributes:

Attribute Required Description



Information about the parts you uploaded.



The ETag of the uploaded part.



The number of the part you specified. This number must be an integer between 1 and 10000.

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