Rebooting VMs

You can reboot a running virtual machine (VM) at any time if needed, which corresponds to rebooting the operating system. When rebooting, the VM restarts without going through the stop and start process.

Rebooting a VM Using Cockpit v2

  1. Click inside the VMs dashboard to make checkboxes appear.

  2. Check the box of the running VM you want to reboot.

    Multiselection is available.

    The VM is selected and an action menu appears.

  3. Click IconReboot Reboot.
    The selected VM is rebooted.

Rebooting VMs Using OSC CLI

The RebootVms command reboots one or more virtual machines (VMs).
This operation sends a reboot request to one or more specified VMs. This is an asynchronous action that queues this reboot request. This action only reboots VMs that are valid and that belong to you.

Request sample
$ osc-cli api RebootVms --profile "default" \
    --VmIds '["i-12345678"]'

This command contains the following attributes that you need to specify:

  • DryRun: (optional) If true, checks whether you have the required permissions to perform the action.

  • VmIds: One or more IDs of the VMs you want to reboot.

The RebootVms command returns the following elements:

  • ResponseContext: Information about the context of the response.

    • RequestId: The ID of the request.

Result sample
  "ResponseContext": {
    "RequestId": "0475ca1e-d0c5-441d-712a-da55a4175157"

Rebooting Instances Using AWS CLI

To reboot one or more instances, use the reboot-instances command following this syntax:

Request sample
$ aws ec2 reboot-instances \
    --profile YOUR_PROFILE \
    --instance-ids i-87654321 i-12345678 \

This command contains the following attributes that you need to specify:

  • (optional) profile: The named profile you want to use, created when configuring AWS CLI. For more information, see Installing and Configuring AWS CLI.

  • instance-ids: One or more instance IDs.

  • endpoint: The endpoint corresponding to the Region you want to send the request to.

The specified instances reboot.

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