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This topic presents the list of all topics containing Windows-only features or tasks.

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About VM Lifecycle

IaaS > Compute

  • Windows updates can slow down the stop of a VM

  • Force Stop

Accessing a Windows VM

  • Accessing a Windows VM Using Remote Desktop Applications

Accessing a Linux VM

  • Accessing a Linux VM from a Windows OS

Configuring a VM with User Data and OUTSCALE Tags

  • Adding a Script or Text in User Data

Installing the Required Virtio Drivers on Windows VMs

Technical Guide

  • Windows-only procedure for VMs created using now deprecated OMIs


About OMIs

IaaS > Compute

  • Windows VMs require at least the v3 processor generation, 2 vCores and 4 GiB of memory

Official OMIs Reference

  • Windows OMIs

Creating an OMI from a Snapshot

  • Windows VMs preparation before creating an OMI

Creating an OMI from a VM

  • Windows VMs preparation before creating an OMI


About Volumes

IaaS > Storage

  • Volume attachments and device names

Initializing a Volume from a VM

  • Windows-only procedure for formatting and mounting a volume

Increasing the Size of a Volume

  • Configuring the partition of a volume in a Windows VM