Copying a Snapshot in the Same Region

You can copy a snapshot in your account, or from an account in the same Region for which you have the appropriate permission.

The copy of the snapshot belongs to you, is independent from the source snapshot, and gets its own ID. You can create volumes or OUTSCALE machine images (OMIs) from it, share it with other users, or delete it.

To create a backup of a snapshot in an OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS) bucket, see Exporting a Snapshot to a Bucket. To copy an OUTSCALE Machine Image (OMI), see Tutorial: Copying an OMI.

To copy a snapshot between accounts in different Regions, see Tutorial: Copying a Snapshot to a Different Region.

This feature is not available from Cockpit. This documentation only describes the procedure using AWS CLI.

Before you begin: The owner of the other account must grant you the appropriate permission to access and copy the snapshot. For more information, see Managing Permissions for a Snapshot.

To copy a snapshot to your account, use the copy-snapshot command following this syntax:

Request Sample
$ aws ec2 copy-snapshot \
    --profile YOUR_PROFILE \
    --source-region eu-west-2 \
    --source-snapshot-id snap-12345678 \
    --destination-region eu-west-2 \
    --description snapshot of vol-87654321 \

This command contains the following attributes that you need to specify:

  • (optional) profile: The named profile you want to use, created when configuring AWS CLI. For more information, see Installing and Configuring AWS CLI.

  • source-region: The name of the Region where the snapshot you want to copy is.

  • source-snapshot-id: The ID of the snapshot you want to copy.

  • destination-region: The name of the destination Region, which must be the same as the source Region.

  • (optional) description: A description for the copy of the snapshot.

  • endpoint: The endpoint corresponding to the Region you want to send the request to.

The copy-snapshot command returns the following element:

  • SnapshotId: The ID of the copy of the snapshot.

Result Sample
"SnapshotId": "snap-87654321"

The snapshot is copied to your account.

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