Tutorial: Copying a Snapshot to a Different Region

The goal of this tutorial is to copy a snapshot to an account located in a different Region. This account can belong to you or to another account.

The copy of the snapshot belongs to you, is independent from the source snapshot, and gets its own ID. You can create volumes or OUTSCALE machine images (OMIs) from it, share it with other accounts, or delete it.

Before exporting an OMI or a snapshot to another Region, you need to make sure that this action is authorized by all applicable third-party licenses. If the export is authorized, only an OMI export guarantees the application of third-party licenses in the target Region, whereas a snapshot export does not.

To create a backup of a snapshot in an OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS) bucket, see Exporting a Snapshot to a Bucket.

To copy a snapshot between accounts in the same Region, see Copying a Snapshot in the Same Region.

  1. Create an OOS bucket in the same Region as the source snapshot. For more information, see Creating a Bucket.

  2. Export the snapshot to the OOS bucket. For more information, see Exporting a Snapshot to a Bucket.

  3. To allow the owner of the account to copy the snapshot to their account, create a pre-signed URL. For more information, see Creating a Pre-Signed URL.

  4. Send the pre-signed URL to the owner of the other account.

  5. The owner of the other account imports the snapshot to their account. For more information, see Importing a Snapshot from a Bucket.
    The snapshot is copied to your account or the other account in a different Region.

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