Support Mailing Lists

The 3DS OUTSCALE Support team sends technical communications by Region to all subscribed accounts.

These technical communications notify you of events impacting OUTSCALE services, and specify their nature, their criticity, and the potential actions you need to do.


When an account is created in one of the Regions of the OUTSCALE Cloud, the email address associated with the account is automatically subscribed as the only recipient of the technical communications of the Region.

  • If you want several persons to receive the technical communications, you can replace the email address associated with the account by the mailing list of your choice. For more information, see Modifying Your Personal Information and Password.

  • If you change the email address associated with your account, the new email address is automatically subscribed to the technical communications of the Region concerned. A delay of 24 hours is to be expected in order to start receiving them again.


You can unsubscribe from the technical communications by clicking the link at the bottom of any communication you receive.

If you have accounts in several Regions using the same email address, the unsubscription link unsubscribes you from all technical communications in all Regions.

If you want to resubscribe to the technical communications, contact our Support team:

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