Modifying a Product

As an OUTSCALE Marketplace seller partner, you can modify products that are published on the Marketplace or that are in draft state.

  • Modifications brought to your products do not apply to users who have already subscribed to them, but only to new subscriptions. However, when modifying the license agreements of your OMI products, you can choose to apply the modifications to existing subscribers as well as new subscriptions. In that case, existing subscribers are informed by email, and the license agreements are updated in their product history. If you choose not to apply the modifications to existing subscribers, the modifications will only apply to new subscriptions.

  • Any modification made to a product must be done in English and in French for the changes to be published on the Marketplace.

To modify a product:

  1. In the top right corner of the interface, click your username or email address.
    A drop-down menu appears.

  2. Click My products.
    The My products page appears.

  3. Click Edit ico Marketplace Edit on the desired product line.
    The corresponding product page appears.

  4. Click Access on the desired section to modify information.
    The corresponding form appears.

    The following cannot be modified in a published OMI product:

    • The pricing mode selected at creation.

    • The product name in the General information section.

    • The OMI name or ID in the Versions section.

    • The rate excluding taxes in the Offer section.

    • The Regions in which the product is published.

    You can publish new versions of your OMI product with new OMI names or IDs. For more information, see Managing OMI Product Versions.

  5. Modify the desired information and click Publish modifications.
    The modifications are published on the Marketplace and the Last update column of the product is updated in the My products page.

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